Cowboy's Rest

Our Mission:

Cowboy's Rest, a non-denominational camp, exists to provide a Christian camping experience in a rustic, outdoor setting and to assist the local Church in encouraging and equipping her congregations.

Cowboy's Rest is located 60 miles south of Elko, Nevada, which is 290 miles east of Reno, Nevada, or 230 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The camp sits at 6,800 feet elevation and is located on the southern end of the majestic Ruby Mountains at the foot of Sherman Peak (10,300ft.).

 Google Us
Search "National Forest Develop Road 378" on Google Maps for our location.

 Driving Directions
Click here for detailed driving directions via Elko or Eureka.

Driving Times
For many of our guests, traveling to Cowboy’s Rest via U.S. 50 and Eureka may shorten the trip.  However, I-80 and the Elko route offer more stops and amenities.


Driving Times to Cowboy's Rest
(calculated without stops)
starting from... Route Driving Time
Elko   1 hr, 15 min
Fallon via Elko 4 hr, 45 min
Fallon via Eureka 4 hr
Reno via Elko 5 hr, 15 min
Reno via Eureka 5 hr
Twin Falls   4 hr

Late Summer Retreats:
Lodge (26 people)
5 cabins (7 people each)
3 teepees (8 people each)
4 wagons (8 people each)
                        total = 117

Spring & Fall Retreats:
Lodge (26 people)
5 cabins (7 people each)
total =

Couples' Retreats:
total = 12 couples (if each couple desires a private room)

For Facility Descriptions, click here.




Facility Rental  $18 per person per day (including partial days)

Insurance  $5 per person per day (including partial days)

Meals     $6 per person per meal

 Field Recreation planned and run by CR staff: $5 per camper covers entire stay
 Paintball: $10 per person per session
 Trail Rides: may be possible to arrange with a local outfitter.  (Fees average $500 per day)

 3-day retreat with 5 meals = $100 per camper
 5-day summer camp for Junior Higher = $205 per camper


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can book an event at Cowboy's Rest?  In keeping with our mission statement, Cowboy's Rest is here to serve churches and other Christian organizations We do not host events for secular public or private organizations.  All participants at Cowboy's Rest must be able to sign our Doctrinal Statement and  Statement of Responsibilities.

What church is Cowboy's Rest affiliated with?  Cowboy's Rest is not connected to any one church or denomination.  Our desire is to serve all member of the body of Christ who believe, as we do, that the Bible is the one and only, inerrant written revelation of God and that Jesus Christ is God incarnate and the only means and hope for man's salvation. 

Click here if you would like to view a list of churches that have used our facilities or promoted our events.  If you have questions, please see our Doctrinal Statement or contact us.

Is the money I give to Cowboy's Rest tax deductible
 Cowboy's Rest is a licensed non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible; however, money given in exchange for services (e.g. camper tuition money) is not.

Who makes policy decisions at Cowboy's Rest?  Our Board of Directors, a body of Christian men, prayerfully considers and oversees all major policy, program, and facility decisions for Cowboy's Rest.

How did Cowboy's Rest begin?  Read our story here: The Vision


Board of Directors

Bob Burrows, Founder
Elko, Nevada

Derrick Carpenter
Gardnerville, Nevada

Danny Clifford, Board President
Fallon, Nevada

Andy Marshall
Eureka, Nevada

David Roberson
Wells, Nevada

Mark Roberson
Fallon, Nevada

Herb Shedd
Gardnerville, Nevada

Brian Starkey, Director of Camps
Jiggs, Nevada

Toby Thomas
Fallon, Nevada