Cowboy's Rest
Church Group Registration
This registration option is for youth pastors or children’s coordinators who would like to register their campers as a group through their church rather than individually through Cowboy’s Rest.

Group Registration Timeline Group Counselor Info Group Registration Forms

Group Pricing
     Jr High/Kids Camps: $200 per camper,  High School/Youth: $240 per camper

Counselor Requirements: Churches registering groups of campers are required to provide counselors for those campers.  Click here for more information.

To Register:

1) February 1 - May 15:  Groups may contact us and request a Group Registration Agreement for an initial number of camper spots.  Maximum number of spots that may be requested is 50 for summer camps.

2) Deposit: a $20 deposit per camper is required to guarantee your group's spots.  Spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis but are not guaranteed until the deposit and signed agreement are received.

Group Registration Timeline:

     February 1 - May 15:

·    Groups may contact us to reserve spots at summer camps.  (Spots are not guaranteed until our Group Registration Agreement has been signed and returned with a deposit.)

    up to 1 month prior to the start of your event:

·    Spots are not gender-specific during this period.

·    Unfilled spots may be returned to Cowboy’s Rest at any time during this period.  (Until the 1-month deadline, deposits can be refunded or credited to other campers in the group.)

            ·     Groups may contact us and request more spots, if they are available. 
     New spots will be guaranteed when deposits are received.

    1 month prior to the start of your event:

·     Groups must contact the registrar with the number and genders of the counselors they intend to provide as well as Volunteer Counselor Applications for each counselor.

 ·Please inform the registrar of the gender breakdown of your group.

·     Final opportunity to return unfilled spots.

                    ·  After this time, deposits are not refundable or transferable.

·   Note: Groups are financially responsible for the entire number of spots they requested.  If unfilled spots were not returned, the group will still be charged full camp tuition for those spots.


      1 week prior to the start of your event:

·        Groups are requested to submit a list of campers and counselors to the registrar, including their names and genders as well as the grade of each camper.   

·        Groups are also requested to divide campers into cabin groups of 7 and submit this list to the registrar.

Group Counselors

Churches registering campers as a group are required to provide counselors for those campers.  This allows your church precious opportunities for relationship-building and follow-up.


 Counselor Criteria:

All counselors will be asked to complete a short Volunteer Counselor Application.  These applications must be submitted to Cowboy's Rest by mail or email one month prior to the start of your event.  In addition, counselors should be... 

1.       18 years of age or older

a.   in the case of high school camp, your counselors must be at least 1 year out of high school and preferably at least 3 years older than the oldest campers in their cabins

2.      Spiritually and emotionally mature.

a.      All counselors will be asked to sign our Doctrinal and Lifestyle statements.

b.      All counselors will be responsible to read our Counselor Handbook and sign an Agreement to abide by the content therein.

3.      Physically and emotionally able to handle a rigorous schedule, much physical activity, and potentially little sleep.

4.      The ratio of campers to counselors in our cabins is 7:1.

            a. If one of your counselors is with a group smaller than 7, Cowboy’s Rest may request that this counselor  accept campers from other groups to fill the cabin.

5.    Counselors must bring with them a signed Counselor Medical Form in case of emergency

 Counselor Fees:
Your group will not be charged for counselors, provided that your counselors meet the above criteria, and any counselors exceeding the 7:1 ratio are willing to counsel campers from other groups in order to fill their cabins.

            example 1: your group brings 11 boys and 2 male counselors.  Counselor 1 counsels 7 boys from your group.  Counselor 2 counsels 4 boys from your group plus 3 boys from another.  Both counselors come free.                              

              example 2: your group brings 5 girls and 2 female counselors.  Both counselors want to be in the same cabin with the girls.  Counselor 1 comes free.  Counselor 2 will be asked to pay the same tuition cost charged to campers.

Group Registration Forms

Mandatory Forms:  Every CAMPER attending with your group must bring to camp a Medical Release Form signed by himself and a parent or guardian.  Campers cannot participate or remain at Cowboy's Rest without these forms. 
If a camper from your group arrives without this paperwork, it will be the group leader's responsibility to obtain such paperwork or arrange to transport the camper home. We strongly suggest you collect these forms from all campers before your group leaves home.  Counselors must also bring a signed medical form in case of emergency.

Optional Forms: Camper Registration Form - you may want to edit and utilize this document for initially registering your campers and keeping track of their contact information.  (Please do not expect that Cowboy's Rest will keep track of this information for you.)