Cowboy's Rest
2019 Summer Staff Openings

About Serving at Cowboy's Rest:  Our small size (serving 100 or fewer campers per week) and rural, remote setting often proves challenging to our staff.  These factors require that each of us serve with full dedication (expect to work about 12 hours each day) and flexibility (you may be asked to help out with other jobs), but they also provide us with many opportunities to witness God’s amazing faithfulness through our weakness.  Our unique camp atmosphere also allows us, as staff, the chance for Bible study and close fellowship with fellow followers of Christ.

Days Off:  during a typical week, staff members can expect to be "off" at 4:00 PM Friday (or whenever the Camp Director deems camp clean-up complete).  Work will resume Monday morning.  Weekend staff activities and transportation to church will be provided; however, staff members are also permitted to go home for the weekends.  Please note that some weekends, there may be events scheduled (such as Family Camp), and staff members will be expected to work (see our calendar for details).

To Apply...

1)  All applicants must be high school graduates by June of this year. 
(Not a graduate?  Check out our Volunteer Program!)

2) Download the application AND reference forms 1 & 2, complete, and email or mail back. We will contact you by March 25 about summer employment.

 Application Deadline: March 15

* Staff Training week (May 29-June 7) is mandatory for all support staff members.

* Staff members may request up to 1 week off during the course of the summer.  Requests will be reviewed by the Director of Camps.



Grounds & Maintenance: routine and preventative maintenance of grounds: mowing, trimming, and watering of lawns & trees; maintenance & construction of low-ropes obstacle course & hiking trails; woodcutting, preparation for campfires, etc.  Experience with outdoor tools, chainsaws, 4 wheelers, tractors, and other small gas engines desired.

Housekeeping Housekeeping: twice-daily cleaning of the bathhouse facilities, cleaning of retreat lodge and staff housing once weekly and as needed (floors, dusting, bathrooms, windows), organizing and ordering of cleaning supplies; laundering of kitchen & cleaning towels; organization of weekly lost & found items.  
Kitchen Kitchen Assistant: assistance with weekly menu planning & food shopping; organization of food storage; food preparation, kitchen record keeping, daily kitchen cleaning and dish washing.

Recreation Assistant: set up and lead camper games, maintain recreation and paintball equipment, assist with other recreation options including: fishing, archery, target shooting, low-ropes obstacle course, climbing wall, paintball

Guard Lifeguard/Recreation Assistant: supervision of all water-related activities (average of 3 hours daily); assistance with planning, running, and officiating of camper recreation; maintenance and storage of all waterfront equipment, availability for evening activities, assistance with tear-down and set up between camps.  Lifeguard Certification required.  Water Front Certification recommended.

Chapel Technician/Videographer/Editor: operation of sound, lighting, and video projection systems during all chapel activities and sound checks; cleaning and upkeep of above systems; responsibility for chapel physical setup and climate control; digital photography and video recording of camp activities,  editing of daily  video segments, compilation of daily segments to DVD for sale at the end of the week.


Counselor: living and interacting with campers at all times.  Leading cabin prayer and Bible study.  Participation in most camper activities. Counselors must be high school graduates by June of this year.  (Those at high school camp must be at least one year out of high school.)  They must be spiritually mature in their walks with Christ and physically and emotionally able to handle a rigorous schedule, much physical activity, and potentially little sleep.


Camp Nurse/EMT: Christian individual holding a current RN OR EMT degree from accredited institution.  Should be experienced with the examination and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses.  Will be working extensively with children and should possess the compassion and firmness needed to do so.

Duration: any or all of the summer camps. 

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to)…
- examination of campers or staff members with injuries or complaints of illness
- treatment of minor injuries or illnesses
- referral of more serious injuries or illnesses for additional examination and/or treatment
  contacting parents of sick or injured campers
-  record keeping pertaining to all campers or staff members seen for injury or illness
- collection of camper medications at registration (and communication with parents about the identity, use, and distribution of each medicine)
 organization and daily distribution of camper medications
-  filing of medical release forms and other records
 supervision of hikes, recreation, and other activities
-  inventory, ordering, and restocking of infirmary supplies
 participation in staff Bible studies and prayer meetings