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Retreat Season: mid-April through end of May, September through mid-October

Types of Retreats: men's, ladies', couples, youth, church leadership, families (be creative!)

Retreat Services: Cowboy's Rest will provide housing, meals, and cleaning services to groups renting our facilities.  In addition, we will have staff available to supervise most activities (e.g. staff at the paintball course and climbing wall; technicians to run our sound and projection systems).  We do not provide program, speakers, musicians, counselors, or lifeguards for retreats.

Retreat Capacities & Facilities        Available Activities          Fees          Who can book a retreat?

To Book a Retreat:

1.  Please review our Doctrinal & Christian Lifestyle Statements.  All groups renting Cowboy's Rest Facilities are required to sign an agreement to these statements.

2.  Check our calendar for available dates.             3.  Contact our registrar for a rental contract.