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Camp Physician or Nurse

Profile: Christian individual holding a current RN degree from accredited institution.  Should be experienced with the examination and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses.  Will be working extensively with children and should possess the compassion and firmness needed to do so.

Duration: any or all of the summer camps.    

Compensation: $350 per week  plus housing and meals

to apply: printable or online application

application deadline: May 1




Responsibilities (include but are not limited to)

- examination of campers or staff members with injuries or complaints of illness

- treatment of minor injuries or illnesses

- referral of more serious injuries or illnesses for additional examination and/or treatment

-   contacting parents of sick or injured campers

-  record keeping pertaining to all campers or staff members seen for injury or illness

- collection of camper medications at registration (and communication with parents about the identity, use, and distribution of each medicine)

-  organization and daily distribution of camper medications

-  filing of medical release forms and other records

-  supervision of hikes, recreation, and other activities

-  inventory, ordering, and restocking of infirmary supplies

-  participation in staff Bible studies and prayer meetings