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Why a dress code?

Here at camp, we want to make sure that everyone has an
enjoyable week and is able to
keep their attention on the most important things: Jesus and God's word.  Therefore, we ask our campers to refrain from dressing in a way that calls attention to themselves and may cause distractions for others.


Dress Code


  Guys: wear shirts except when swimming. 

             Keep your pants up! (We don't want to see your underwear!)


        Gals: modest, one-piece swimsuits.  (If you bring a 2-piece, we will ask you to wear a
                  dark T-shirt over it.)

                Please make sure your shorts are as long as your fingertips when your hands are at
                your sides.

                All shirts need to have straps that are at least 2 inches wide (no spaghetti straps,

                Make sure your clothing does a good job of covering your undergarments, chest,
                waist, hips, and tummy.

                Shorts must be worn over exercise pants/yoga pants/stretchy pants