Cowboy's Rest


Special Needs Campout

July 27-29, 2020

What? an opportunity for people with special needs to safely enjoy the great outdoors, make new friends, learn about God’s love, and try out many fun activities in an atmosphere fitted to their needs, desires, and abilities.  Parents of these special needs campers can enjoy a respite at home while we care for the needs of their children, or they can stay here and enjoy camp as Cowboy’s Rest’s caregivers spend time with their campers...
Individual Option: campers who attend as individuals (whose family does not stay at camp with them) will be provided with a one-on-one staff helper who will stay with them for all activities as well as in the cabin at night.
Family Option: if a camper’s family desires to stay and participate at camp with him or her, that camper will still be provided with a staff helper and the option of either staying in a cabin with other campers and staff or staying with his/her family. Special break-out sessions will be offered for parents and siblings. Cost for families is $50 per person in addition to the $100 for the special needs camper. Housing for families is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who? individuals ages 7-25 with special physical, cognitive, and/or emotional needs (such as hearing impairments, vision impairments, autism, apraxia, and Down syndrome)

Please Note:  Cowboy's Rest is not currently set up to accomodate campers in wheelchairs.  A doctor will be on staff for this event, but there may be some medical needs that we are not able to accomodate.  Please contact us to discuss whether our staff and facility can safely and adequately care for your camper. 
When? our campout begins at 2pm on Monday, July 27 and concludes on Wednesday, July 29 at 11am
Cost: $100 per special needs camper includes a one-on-one staff helper, 2 nights stay and 5 meals (we are willing to work with parents to accomodate special diets for campers as needed)
Cost for additional family members is $50 per person
Camp Structure: every special needs camper will have a specially-trained Caregiver, every cabin will have a Counselor and “Cabin Parent” to help the caregivers, a doctor will be on staff for the entire event, and special diets will be accomodated as needed
Sign up:  
1) Click here to print your Registration Packet, or contact us, and we will mail a packet to you.

2) a $30 deposit will reserve your camper's spot.  The remainder will be due when your camper and/or family arrives at camp.  Please make checks payable to "Cowboy's Rest"

3) Mail checks and completed packets to:
   Cowboy's Rest
   435 Jiggs Hwy #4
   Spring Creek, NV  89815
Questions? Call us at 775.934.9806 or email at

Special Needs Camp Missionaries

With special campers to care for, special meals to cook, and special needs to meet, we are looking for volunteers who would like to devote a few days to this special work.  All volunteers will be background-checked and receive special training before our campers arrive.

Want to be a Camp Missionary?Click here to apply.
$50 fee to cover food and lodging expenses payable on arrival.

Missionaries, once accepted, must arrive by 9:00am Monday the 27th for training before camper arrival. All Missionaries receive a background check.

“And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me.”

- Matthew 18:5
Meet our Special Needs Camp Leaders...
Brian Starkey, Cowboy's Rest Director of Camps

Special-needs parenting is relentless, but God is good.

Our son, Gabe, was diagnosed with autism at age two, and we started a home therapy program when he was three.  (While Gabe is still nonverbal, he has learned many appropriate behaviors and skills, and he's able to communicate his basic needs using an iPad.)

There have been manys challenges in raising Gabe in our remote location, but God has always provided for us... and there are many blessings, too.  We are so thankful that he can enjoy the outdoors and many activities here at camp, but we realize that there are many individuals like him who cannot.  That's why we want to share this place with other special needs families.  And most of all, we hope we can share some of the encouragement, grace, and rest God gives us every day.