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God has put in many hearts a desire to share this ministry with people (ages 7-25) with disabilities: to make sure everyone gets a chance to go to camp at Cowboy’s Rest. So this July 24-26, Cowboy’s Rest is hosting our first-ever Special Needs Summer Camp.  As usual, we will provide great food, compassionate counselors and staff, and Christ proclaimed. Things will just look a little different for a few days, with schedule, pace and activities suited to our campers’ needs. 

So here’s the goal: This camp will provide a safe place for these campers to participate in fun camp activities, create new friendships, and most importantly to learn about the one true God in a summer camp specifically crafted to fit their needs, desires, and abilities. Parents of these special needs campers can enjoy a respite at home while we care for the needs of their children, or they can stay here and enjoy camp as Cowboy’s Rest’s caregivers spend time with their campers.
This will not be easily accomplished: Cowboy’s Rest will need many volunteers to make it possible. Every camper will have a Caregiver, every cabin a Counselor and “Cabin Parent” to help the caregivers, a doctor will be on staff for the entire event, extra food prep will be required for special diets, everyone will need special training before campers even arrive, and the list goes on.

Some details: there will be space for 32 campers, registration by mail only, $100 per camper. All Missionaries (volunteers) will be able to apply by mail, and will need to pay a $50 fee to cover food and housing expenses. All registration and volunteer forms can be found on our website at cowboysrest.org/special, along with more details.

What now? Spread the word. Do you know a kid with special needs? Tell the family about this venture. Do you feel called to help? Contact us, or fill out the Missionary form and send it in. Are you intrigued by this? Pray for us! Pray for the camp! Pray for the campers! God has shown us we are to do this, and He will make it happen…through the combined efforts of those who love Him, serve Him, trust and obey Him.

Questions? Call us at 775.934.9806 or email at cowboysrest@hotmail.com

“And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me.”

- Matthew 18:5