Cowboy's Rest
Our Vision

May He bless you with His love.
Bob and Chris Burrows

Cowboy’s Rest is a vision that has been in our hearts for about twenty years. It began as we and others in our church family organized camping trips for children and quickly realized the need that today’s young people have to be in God’s creation. Many experienced for the first time sleeping in a tent, catching a fish, and shooting a .22 – and they loved it! They also loved the worship and teaching times around the campfire. God’s word seemed to penetrate their hearts more profoundly in a retreat setting, away from the busy schedules, technological distractions, and other pressures our children face today.

We became aware that northern Nevada was lacking in good camping facilities where churches could take their young people and do just what we had been doing. We began praying about buying some land to devote to these purposes. In August of 1995, Bob resigned his job as pastor of a nondenominational church in Fallon, Nevada, and we moved our family to Elko, Nevada, so that he could work in the family produce business and look for a place to establish a camping ministry. After three and a half years of waiting on God, the door finally opened, and we were able to purchase the XJ Ranch. This property is located on Sherman Creek, below Sherman Peak at the south end of the beautiful Ruby Mountains. It is very isolated (60 miles from Elko), very peaceful, and very beautiful with wild turkeys, mule deer, elk and horses roaming the property.

Now our family and many others are working hard and praying much to see this vision grow and develop. We have leased the ranch to a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization entitled Cowboy’s Rest Christian Camp and Retreat Center. There are currently eight men from across the country serving on the board and seeking God’s will for this place that He has already so blessed.

We are all very excited about the coming summer, and we are also excited about your interest in Cowboy’s Rest; we would love for you to become a part of what God is doing here!